Review: The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins (Are you a Gilmore Girls Fan?)

Review The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins (Are you a Gilmore Girls Fan?)

Goodreads Description:

The New York Times bestselling author of the wildly popular MacLean Curse series crafts a charming and evocative story about a picturesque Southern town, two fiercely independent women, and a magical friendship that will change their lives forever. 

The residents of Dove Pond, North Carolina, know three things: they have the finest bar-b-que this side of Atlanta, their Apple Festival is the best that ever was, and the town has phenomenal good luck whenever the Dove family has seven daughters. Fortunately, that time is now, because Dove Pond desperately needs a miracle.

The seventh daughter, Sarah Dove, believes in all things magical. Books have whispered their secrets to her since she was a child. Now the town librarian, she makes sure every book finds the reader who most needs it. But recently the books have been whispering something different—that change is about to come to Dove Pond. Sarah is soon convinced that the legendary Dove Pond good luck has arrived in the form of new resident, Grace Wheeler.

Let's Talk; Life Update (Slowing Down on Purchasing New Products, Financial Goals and Life)

Let's Talk; Life Update (Slowing Down on Purchasing New Products, Financial Goals and Life)

If you haven't noticed; I've been taking this blog a lot slower in recent months. Mrs Q Beauty has been a hobby of mine for a few years and before this blog, I was a book blogger for 8 years. I really do enjoy blogging and I don't intend to stop blogging but I want to incorporate more than beauty product after beauty product. My main reason is that I've been overwhelmed with all the products I'm bringing into my home. I don't feel like I can really be grateful and enjoy what I have because I'm always looking for the next product to add to my collection. While I do get some PR products, I buy most of these products on my own. My son also started Kindergarten and my morning routine has been busier, I've found some core products that I use almost every day and it's been so much easier than testing out new products all the time. My son is also in a lot of extracurriculars and my time has become pretty limited.

I've also been focusing on a lot of financial goals and keeping my spending on track. Christmas is not an emergency, so I have a goal to save a certain amount before December. I also want to beef up our emergency fund. I've gone through a lot of life changes since my Mom passed away and having an emergency fund that we can fall back on is really important. It's become a big priority. We don't have a lot of family in the city that we live in, and if something happened I want to be financially free to deal with the situation without worrying about money.  If you want to succeed when it comes to money, I believe you need to set goals and get excited. We're excited and focused.

Where do I see this blog moving? I want it to be more of me. I'm not a professional blogger, and I don't see this becoming a full-time job. I want to enjoy what I'm sharing with you and put more of myself into it. I love reading and will incorporate some book reviews as well. I'm more than just beauty products and I will continue to share beauty but it won't be the whole focus of this blog. I want to be more creative in this space.

UCANBE Aromas Palette (Mauve Palette/ Huda Beauty New Nude Alternative) Swatches and Review

UCANBE Aromas Palette (Mauve Palette/ Huda Beauty New Nude Alternative) Swatches and Revie

The UCANBE Aromas palette was a pleasant surprise for me. I haven't heard much from the brand and I wasn't sure how it would perform but I decided to give it a chance. I've tried my fair share of inexpensive palettes and many don't have the pigment, blendability or lasting power. At first glance, you can see this palette resembles the Huda Beauty New Nude eyeshadow palette. I really do like the mauve selection of shadows, and the Huda Beauty palette has been on my wishlist but it's hard for me to justify an 85$ palette. I'm really happy that I gave this palette a chance because it's really good. 

UCANBE Aromas Palette (Mauve Palette/ Huda Beauty New Nude Alternative) Swatches and Revie

When I first opened the bubble wrap and I was taking the palette out, I realize the packaging felt heavy and sturdy. I was expecting the palette to feel lightweight and cheap but it really felt nice. It also has a good quality mirror. The palette comes in a sleeve which gives it extra protection when travelling. The mattes really shocked me because they blended so well, and built really nicely. I thought they would be powdery and they weren't. There's not a huge variety of shades in the palette but you can create some nice looks. The shimmers apply best with your finger and they build well. I'm not a huge fan of glitter shadows but these look nice with glitter glue. There is no concealer shade like the Huda palette, all of these are powder products. Swatching the shades I was impressed with the smoothness of the shadow. These swatches below don't really give it justice, I really like this palette.

Beauty Products and Impulse Shopping

Beauty Products and Impulse Spending

Let's talk about the beauty community and the constant beauty products that are released. The holiday season is almost here and we will start to see even more products released. Before you impulse purchase you're next beauty item, you might want to stop and think about it. Personally, I can get caught up in the new releases and I've really put the brakes on what I'm choosing to purchase. There's only so much makeup and beauty items that you can realistically use. Here are some tips to put the brakes on impulse spending and decide if that new item is something that you really should purchase. Let's be honest, those small purchases still add up to a lot of money spent on products.

Why do you want it?

Is this a product you do want and will use or is it something you'll buy and forget about? Why do you really want it? Makeup does expire. Maybe wait a few weeks and check back in to see if you still want it. I've had items on my list and when I go back it doesn't seem as exciting to me and I remove them from my list. It's amazing how quickly you will forget about items when you put on a list and come back to it.

Lise Watier V Element Fiber Mascara Review

Lise Watier V Element Fiber Mascara Review

The Lise Watier V Element Fiber mascara was recently sent to me and I didn't know what to think about it. Mascara is one of those products that can be very hit or miss. It really depends on your lashes. Let's take a look at the product description "formulated with volcanic water that is loaded with minerals, this mascara is enriched with fibers for extreme length and explosive volume. The microfibers cling to the lashes to instantly create a lash extension effect. The fortifying formula helps to revitalize and protect eyelashes from external aggressors thanks to its calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and silica content. No clumping or flaking" Doesn't that sound impressive? I was pretty curious about this mascara. I wasn't sure how it would perform on my short, thin lashes but I was excited to try it out.

Let's Talk || Project Pan : BH Cosmetics X Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette (Check in 1)

Let's Talk || Project Pan : BH Cosmetics X Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette (Check in 1)

Have you heard of the panning community? There's a small sector of the beauty community that sets out to actually use up their products. There's an emphasis to use up your collection, and not buy into all the new hyped up products that are constantly releasing. I thought it would be fun to try because seeing their progress picture has really piqued my interest. How long would it take to use up a palette? I'm starting small with one eyeshadow palette that I really like. I actually have a backup of this palette because one of the highlighters broke when I first ordered it and BH Cosmetics sent me a new one. I was able to press back the highlighter and still use the first palette, so now I have two.

TONYMOLY Luminous Goddess Aura Fabric BB Cream

Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura Fabric BB Cream Review

This summer I discovered some Korean Beauty brands and I've been on a mission to try new BB creams and lightweight base products. Previously, I reviewed the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream which has been raved about and I also reviewed the Peripera Skin Tint which has been compared to Glossier skin tint. Now, I want to talk to you about the Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Fabric BB Cream. Is that a long name? Yes, it is... This BB Cream has quickly become a fast favourite.

Cheekbone Beauty Earth Palette (Contour/Bronzer) Review and Swatches

Cheekbone Beauty Earth Palette (Contour/Bronzer) Review and Swatches
Cheekbone Beauty Earth (Discount Code JennR66 for 10% off)

I've raved about Cheekbone Beauty plenty and I'm back with a review of the contour palette. You can read my introduction to the brand here. I found the brand in 2017 and have followed since. The Stardust (review) highlighting palette is a staple in my collection and I quickly added the contour palette as well. It has three matte powders; a highlight, bronzer and contour powder. When I first opened this palette I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't work for my fair skin, but I found that it did actually work with a light hand. If you are darker this would work great for you.