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Hi, My name is Jennifer and I'm the editor of Mrs Q Beauty. I started this blog as a creative outlet to talk about all things beauty and my love for makeup. I've been lurking in the background watching beauty blogs and Youtube for years now, and wanted to start my own beauty blog to connect with fellow makeup lovers. I'm not a makeup artist, just a woman who loves to do her makeup in the morning and get out the door for work. I really see the positive impact that beauty products have given me- a form of self-care that I really needed in my life.

Mrs Q Beauty blog is a new project. I previously blogged about books at Mrs Q Book Addict for over 8 years. I cross promote on my social media.

Product Reviews (Media Kit)

Product reviews are free, if you provide a sample of the product. Your product will be reviewed on the blog, posted on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Brand Collaborations/Sponsored Posts/ Advertisements please contact me.

If you wish to contact me, please reach out at mrsqbeauty@gmail.com

Current Stats:

Combined Social Media Reach: 10,000 + Approx (August 2017)

Blog: 3000-4000 Monthly Views
Twitter: 910 Subscribers
Instagram: 100 Subscribers
Facebook: 539 Subscribers
Bloglovin: 174 Blog Subscribers + 141 Followers
Pinterest: 5K

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